How long will the appointment take? and how long do the extensions last?

- A full set should take the average technician about 2 hours to finish.


- A full set should get the average client to 3 or 4 weeks before they need to come for a touch up fill.


- Because we charge by time, the more time a client books for their touch up fill the more extensions the tech will be able to apply.

How do you get started with lash extensions?

- Come to LashFabulous for your free consultation!


- Once both the client and the technician are on the same page for the desired look, the client will lay down on a relaxing chaise lounge chair.


- The tech will talk you through the very relaxing and painless procedure step by step.

Does it hurt?

Once the tech isolates your top lashes it’s time to take a nap. While you sleep or daydream away the tech will apply extensions to your natural lashes using the highest quality of glue on the market. The extensions are placed about 1 mm away from your skin and lash line, meaning you feel absolutely nothing when you open your eyes.

Could I be allergic to lash extensions?

- If you are allergic to adhesives such as Cyanoacrylate glues or Carbon black you will have a reaction and Lash extensions are not for you. We do not carry Acrylate glue.

- We can always do a patch test 24 hours before your scheduled appointment to see if you have any reactions.

Will it look natural? I don't want to look like Kim K

- We can make your extensions as natural or dramatic as you would like and what your own natural lashes can handle.


- Natural long lashes can hold longer extensions, if your natural lashes are short and fine, the technician is forced to respect the natural lash.


- They must apply a shorter (still longer than the natural lash) and finer extension. No matter what your lashes can handle the technician will be able to give you a fabulous enhanced look.


- Remember you can always change your look, because your natural lashes grow and eventually shed, the extension will fall off you can change your look at your next appointment.

- You can also purchase a lash growth serum to help promote lash growth.

Why do we charge by time?

- The average adult has about 200 lashes per eye, some have way less and some have so much more.


- The more time you give the technician the more time they have to apply extensions.


- If you only have 50 lashes per eye you might be done in 30 to 45 min, but if you have 500 lashes per eye you will be in the chair for 2 -4 hours, just like at the hairdresser.


- Always book more time if you are unsure, we promise to get you out the door asap, if it only takes the technician 45 min but you booked 60min, we will only charge you the 45 min.

- If you show up 15 min late to your 60min appointment, we will do the best we can, with the remainder 45min. We will however charge you for the whole 60 min appointment.

How much does it cost?

Senior Full Sets:

- Classic Full Set $175 (2h)

- Hybrid Full Set $ 200 (2h)

- Volume Full Set $250 (2h)

Senior Fills:

- Mini Fill $82.50

- Regular Fill $110.00

Junior Full Sets:

- Classic Full Set $105 (3h)

Junior Fills:

- Regular Fill $64.00 (1h)