Lift & Tint Pro


Course overview up to 1 day training


Deposit: $100

Course includes a premium lash lift and tint  kit valued at $233

Give your clients more options!

Learn how to give your clients beautiful dark lashes without having to use lash extensions! 

This course teaches you how to prep and perm the client's lashes. You’ll learn how to create a nice curl and darker tint which creates a bolder natural look. This service does not require the application of lash extensions.



Duration: 1 day of training 10am - 6pm

NOTE: being able to master the skills and techniques of this training can take up to 30 days of practice! 

Max Participants: 5

Prerequisite: Students must have 2 models ready for practice on the day of class.

Certification: Students must pass a written test and live examination.


Pro tip: Avoid drinking coffee before class and if you wear contact lenses, please wear glasses instead because your contacts will get dry!

Unlimited support

Practice as many times as you need

After completing our course, students are welcome to visit our studio to continue practicing at no extra cost. There will always be a trainer available to support students who require extra guidance. 

Opening up our workspace allows each student the opportunity to practice in a professional environment, adding to their learning experience. 

We encourage our students to practice as many times as needed in order to be confident enough to produce high quality results for their future clients.


Awesome staff, so friendly, instructor highly knowledgeable and experienced. If you’re really looking to be eye lashes professional , take this advertising as the first step. I highly recommend lash fabulous academy to start your course with to save your time, effort and be on the right way.

- Roza



About our instructor

With over 8 years of experience, Leonie Goetz is a Master Lash Artist and a Misencil Certified Lash Educator. She has a passion for lashing and teaching others to perfect their art. Her educational background consists of 3 different lash courses from Misencil, Borboleta and Lash Canada, making her our qualified Regional Trainer.


Leonie has been training in the lash industry both internally at Lash Fabulous and externally for other Lash companies. This gives her a unique understanding of lashing while staying on top of the latest trends and product knowledge behind eyelash extensions. Throughout the years, she has exceeded the industry standards and strives to continuously upgrade her lash education. With her knowledge and the high industry standards that Lash Fabulous has set, we have decided to offer our exclusive training to technicians other than our own.