SUPPORT? REALLY what does that mean?

when you think of support, what comes to mind?

beams holding up a building? 

a community of people helping one another you holding your husband had as he's taking deep breaths after you said "YAY it's our first child"?

how ever you look at it support is super important when you're learning something new, working hard towards your goal can be tough, and having the right people around you makes the biggest difference. 

that's why we offer full support at Lash fabulous its super important for us, we need to take our thoughts on how to support one another to the next level in this beauty industry! ( true story )

I'm sure my face is red. 

I'm frustrated and borderline angry with how others teach you something one day then drop you off like you're now the next pro who's going to take one the world by your self! while your thinking:

"I just want to know what I'm supposed to do. It's my final year of college and two of my professors just asked me what I want to do next year, I know but how do I start!! I didn't grow up in a situation where there were a lot of choices. I just lived my life like a reptile - moving from opportunity to opportunity without any thought. Now I have these guys asking me where I want to go, but I feel clueless. So clueless" 

Designing our lives doesn't mean picking something and sticking with it no matter what but if we pick it we at least should see it through to see if its for us, right? well, the best way is to surround yourself with the best people and have them support you through the path you're trying to take. 

It's about constantly learning about ourselves and what we want out of life and support is a big factor that I know! I would not be here without a HUGE amount of support. What we want out of life will change, and that's okay, but it's important to have some flags in the ground to move towards.

We at Lashfab are constantly putting together Ideas and bettering our selves to bring more love and guidance to our students, I feel proud about that, the only thing that we want is our students walking out with a confident smile. knowing they got what they came for. 

but that's how support should work! no matter where from governments to small businesses doing our best to grow with each other is a large task a BiG freaking dream, but it's not only possible we can do it together. 

let us know what you think we are often here to hear 👂 we love, love, LOVE feedback, especially the good thought out ones that make the difference for everyone. 

Click below for the Facebook comments and let's grow together and win this thing, let’s get to the end of your goal and cheer! 

“We will have made it!”

Talk soon! 

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