Lash lifts take a look at what people are saying

here are a ton of people who are saying amazing things about lash lifts!

here is one writer from allure, this is for learning only i'm not not endorsed or getting any money from posting this all rights are to :

"My eyelashes are not unlike my high school academic history — always between a B+ and an A-. Not bad, but they could be way better if they'd just applied themselves more, you know? I have a good amount of lashes, but they're quite straight and indecisively directed. Some point downward and some lazily curve slightly upward — it's a sad bouquet. I've done lash-enhancing serums, lash extensions, and own about a dozen mascaras in rotation at any given time. I can't remember a time I left the house without having wielded a lash curler first. Lashes are just my thing, and I'm very particular about my things.

That said, when presented with the opportunity to perm my lashes into a perfectly curled formation, I initially bristled. Memories of the smell of perming chemicals in my youth (perms were big in the '90s, too) made my eyes water and my head dizzy. The thought of putting that on my eyelashes just seemed very wrong. Lash lifts (aka lash perms) are not necessarily new to the beauty world but they have a dodgy reputation based on the concept alone.

In fact, when I mentioned that I was going to get a lash lift, several colleagues raised their brows like "are you sure?" For reference, I am the Allure staffer who got lip injections for the first time on Facebook Live, so one would think that a lash lift would be much less eventful, but apparently slathering your eyes in perming lotion sounds much more alarming than injecting your mouth full of synthetic dewdrops."

"My underachieving little lashes were glossed up and standing at attention like a bunch of show ponies."

(after getting the lashes done!)


July 23, 2018

I use this for teaching purposes only but the reason is they can give you a whole new look! and its a time saver as well! if you have young nice looking lashes this baby will make you look like a princess.

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