The importance of lashes: lashes extensions or strip lash?

Reasons Why Eyelash Extensions Make All The Difference

There are many who despise makeup, yet still, applying it every morning! why? confidence through the day can come from what you apply to your face, we’re convinced that if we don't "paint the barn" that we won't get the same attention, or get what we want!

When it comes to makeup, eye makeup is often the most time-consuming part!, and lashes bring a lot of attention to your youth and eyes

Many women (especially blondes and redheads) have blonde or fair eyelashes, use mascara to take on a new look for the eyes.

Don’t you wish you could just wake up with makeup on? I know I do, that's why Eyelash extensions are the most effective way to look amazing without makeup, cut your ‘getting ready’ time in half, boost your confidence and wake up looking wonderful, lovely, and beautiful. feeling the same way! now you feel like you can take on the day with an extra hour to spear.

another note, false eyelash strips can look.... odd – unless you’re crazy good at applying them!!

Placement takes a lot of practice, they may still look like a Cow lash half hanging if not placed correctly. Extensions though!!!, no time is wasted on perfecting lashes. "We apply one mink eyelash to each individual real eyelash you have, and the end result is perfectly natural and gorgeous.” (someone said in a blog)

"False lash strips are common for women to enhance their lashes, but again tedious like trying to make good tofu from soybeans.. have you ever tried that? don't it's not worth the time for the taste, you'll walk away with stinky sock smelling tofu, that's how some feel about strip lashes.

– it’s just very obvious that they’re fake sometimes they just look like... well fake.

but the good news is that extensions look real and can be a powerful statement, of youth and a great timesaver, lastly, no one will know that they are fake!

the amount of time you spend on lashes compared to strip lashes are totally worth it, your life will become much easier with natural-looking lashes in the morning. I know it really seems like I don't like strip lashes, and your right I don't! but after having extensions!! it's like eating gourmet food then telling me to go back to fast food for a while..... -_-'' no thanks.

if you have yet to try it out you should last fabulous often has a promo for your first time!

Its worth it. You will love, love ,LOVE it! Gone are the days of speding hours infront of a mirror for your eyes and not having the confidence to go out right after waking up. Now these lashes will do you justice and show your beautiful eyes like it’s a new car, with pride.

Don’t wait another min try them out at least once.

Thanks for taking the time to read this if you liked it please feel free to continue to another blog we have

there's wonderful confidence in lashes.

Talk soon!

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