Your Development Matters!

Looking to become a lash artist?

LashFabulous! puts the training and development of students first. Our goal is to guide you through the entire process of becoming a professional lash technician.


The support membership system provided with each of our courses helps students reach their full potential.


Unlimited Support


Practice makes perfect

After completing our course, students are welcome to visit our studio to practice and prepare for their final exam.

Opening up our workspace allows each student the opportunity to practice in a professional environment, adding to their learning experience. 

We encourage our students to practice as many times as needed in order to be confident enough to lash without any supervision. 

Professional Set Up

A workspace that sets you up for success

Mastering the art of lashing takes time. It is important to have a proper work environment that promotes productivity. 


Our carts are fully stocked with high-quality products for students to practice with. Each workstation is set up in a way that enhances the learning experience and efficiency.


About our instructor

With over 8 years of experience, Leonie Goetz is a Master Lash Artist and a Misencil Certified Lash Educator. She has a passion for lashing and teaching others to perfect their art. Her educational background consists of 3 different lash courses from Misencil, Borboleta and Lash Canada, making her our qualified Regional Trainer.


Leonie has been training in the lash industry both internally at Lash Fabulous and externally for other Lash companies. This gives her a unique understanding of lashing while staying on top of the latest trends and product knowledge behind eyelash extensions. Throughout the years, she has exceeded the industry standards and strives to continuously upgrade her lash education. With her knowledge and the high industry standards that Lash Fabulous has set, we have decided to offer our exclusive training to technicians other than our own.